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The intention of this Web is to give a service of documentation to all those that love the music that has been sung during years in the protestant churches of my country. Most of these melodies and also of their letters is original of other places of the world. Despite with time they have happened to comprise of our culture and they are to us totally familiar. Some of them even comprise of ours more intimate small treasures. In this compilation a hundred and hymn means can be found more of with the particularity that all of them I have sung them with greater or smaller frequency. Many of them from my childhood.

All they inside evoke lived feelings and personal situations to me and outside the church. Unfortunately most already are very little used at the present time, reason why the youngest generations do not know their music as much as the letter.

It has not been task easy of finding some letters, scores, biographies and collection of stories relative to these hymns. In our cultural scope the taste does not occur in excess to keep the memory from the small things that conform part of our cultural baggage. Thus the things very frequently I have had to accede to sources of the Anglo-Saxon countries, which are authentic examples of respect and attention towards their historical antecedents.

The difficulty in compiling the documentation has produced the effect to discover and to enjoy unknown aspects more related to hymns that already were object of my esteem, increasing with it if east feeling fits.

This task of biographical documentation is incomplete and I will be it updating as it is having more data. In this aspect very I will be been thankful you by the contributions that you prune to make to be enriching with them the content of this Web.

Finally to say that this work is done to the glory of God and that I will feel very well compensated if through the different pages you find reasons for praise and gratitude to His name.

God bless you

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